Digital, Technology Coaching, Consulting, Training

I help people use TECHNOLOGY as a tool to effectively CREATE, COLLABORATE, and CONNECT.

Digital Technology Coaching, Consulting, Training

I didn't grow up using sophisticated technology. Quite the contrary. I grew to understand and appreciate technology through hands-on trial and error. Over my 20+ years career, I've trialed and used a lot of tools and processes in my personal and professional life. Some worked and others didn't. As a creative problem-solver and early adopter, I've learned how technology can enhance our lives individually and together when used appropriately.  This experience has given me a keen understanding of how overwhelming technology can be for most people regardless of age. Today I love using my experience and expertise to help people sort through the noise and use technology to become the best possible versions of themselves.

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Every situation is unique. In this phase, we discuss your unique situation and the primary problems that technology can help you solve.


During this phase, I will define the appropriate technology-enabled solutions to get the results you need. In some cases, it'll be technologies that you already have on hand. In other cases, it may be by adopting other technologies, which will serve you better.


Knowing what to do and doing it the right way is not the same. During this phase, I help you implement the solutions I've recommended. I guide you and your teams through the process of adopting and adapting the right technologies and workflows. I make sure you are comfortable with working in this new way and know which areas you need to stay on top of and which areas you need to eliminate, automate, or outsource.


Things are constantly changing. You and your teams' needs will evolve over time. Technologies often become too simple or overly complicated. During this phase, I will audit where you are and help you optimize your technology toolkit and the workflows to improve your every day.


I work remotely with people all over the world and offer in-person sessions where appropriate.

Engagements usually last between 1-week to 3-months. Longer engagements are available upon request.

1-on-1 Coaching


We can discuss your particular technology needs, and identify possible solutions. Then I’ll offer actionable expert advice to help fix your particular situation. If the solution is more complex than you can handle yourself, we can discuss options for working together over a specified period of time.


& Training


I  work with organizations of all sizes to choose the right technologies and update their systems so that they are flexible, convenient, and impactful. I also help teams of 3 to 30 people work better together and use technology as a tool to reach their full potential.

Mastermind Gatherings



It's hard leading a team and keeping business going especially in turbulent times. You don't have to go it alone. Join a select group of entrepreneurs and small business owners as we share experiences, learn together, and support each others' growth.

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